I saw it as I entered the bathroom. A syringe; needle attached. An alcohol wipe. Horror shuddered through me. It can’t be! How is this possible? So many times I have seen it, but never here.

Breathe calmly, I think. Pull yourself together.

I find her in the kitchen.

Dropping the syringe on the table, I Look accusingly at her.

She looks down, and away, collecting her thoughts, searching for a lie.

“It must belong to my diabetic friend, Lyndsey,” she says.

Quickly, I grab her arm, pull up her sleeve.

“Mum, how could you!” I wail.

© Jane Paterson Basil

10 thoughts on “CONFLICT

    1. Thank you, Jane. You demonstrate instead of telling. So often, writers tell, tell, tell, until it sounds like a lecture. The story says a lot of different things. Perhaps, if I were caught, I may have stopped. Who knows? Thanks,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for following my blog, and thanks for your lovely comment. I really enjoy 100 word stories, because they’re an exercise in self-restraint, and as an addictive person, I need that restraint.

        I wanted to comment on your blog,but when I tried to, I believe I was asked to include my email address. Am I mistaken?.


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