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Speaking as
Somebody who has mislaid all carnal desires since the menopause
Showed up
Kindly making my life much simpler than before

Because men
Are devoid of pointy chesty bits that get in the way
They are
Quite often really rather good at hugging the pain away
Unless the
Pointy groin bits are present and actively interested.

But then
Fortunately I rarely have that effect on men these days.

© Jane Paterson Basil


10 thoughts on “MAN HUGS

            1. I see the problem. I was trying to say that man hugs (as long as they are no-sexual, because I have no interest in sex) are sometimes more comfortable than hugging another woman, because there are no breasts to get in the way.
              I’m enjoying this exchange far more than a particular one I had last night!


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