Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly.

Leaden bucket
filled with marbles
knock and crash
within the head.

Missing calls
from silent mobile
dragging nausea
down the road
abandoned list
in the kitchen
Normal service….

Phone vibrating
labour started
still the brain
cannot compute
thank the lord
brain has switched to
default mode.
Normal service will….

kills the headache
grandson’s presence
cooling balm
chatty waiting
when will brother
make belated
presence felt.
Normal service will be….

it has happened!
Mum and baby
doing fine
much elation
deep within me
huppy hugging
all around
rapid visit
to the bedroom
warm pink silence
clothed in white
smiling beauty
soft enfolds me
all these loved ones
now complete
Normal service will be resumed….

Duty beckons
friends awaiting
of the fact
must fulfil their
shout the news
all abroad
fast response
hanging on my
every word.
Now a harder
task to handle
damaged daughter
must be told
chase her demons
to a distance
far enough
to silence them
so she can hear
the words I utter
understand them
and absorb.
Errant son
locked in prison
for the crime
of stupid youth
waits for my
of the longed for
baby’s birth.
Normal service will be resumed….

© Jane Paterson Basil


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