No longer human

you've not hurt              me  today  so  you 
take  your chance            and    you    step 
through the   door           with a  flickering 
glance and   you're          stirring  the  air 
with historic deceits        and dragging  bags   
of  tatters and  tooth-      rotting treats you  
drop and spill your dirt     over the floor the      
pills the needles syringes   and  more  and   I      
hope  that  you're  in a cognitive mood  at the
first chance I get I will offer you food but if
you don't want it I know I'm in trouble and all       
you  desire  is to burst my  bubble you  always
pretend to think   you are right as  you  shout
in my face   and      you  try for a fight  and 
you always  know        how  best  to   succeed  
and all you want          is  to make my  brain  
bleed  so    you           shout and you scream 
accusations   at            me  and  I can't be 
heard as I enter            my plea of innocent 
with proof in the          shape of my heart as 
your screams increase     as  soon  as  I  start


              I pull out all of my 
        tools of prevention to persuade
    you  to  cease this  game of  contention 
 but there's no comprehension and no suspension 
from this seemingly endless inane invention your 
angry  anarchic attack on  convention and I know 
that there's  no             mis-apprehension  as 
you       play                 dangerous    games     
with my heart                  -rate  with   your 
nickel- plate                  nonsense you  love
to  mis-state                   the truth of each 
story    with                   lies that inflate
as you warm at                 the sight  of  the 
damage to   date              then   I    finally 
 manage  to tell you to go and I see the delight
  writ clear on your face and you step up  the 
    evil torture a  pace to force me to push 
      you out of the door because I can't
         take it for one second more.

ยฉ Jane Paterson Basil


63 thoughts on “No longer human

  1. As i was reading I realized it has the rhythm of rap. I know nothing about rap but I can hear the sound when I read your poem. It seems like it was created from a familiar place. You did a great job artistically also.

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    1. Thank you.
      My grandson is an extremely talented rapper with an unusual style. I think I caught something off him. It seemed the right style for an angry tirade, and my fingers leapt over the keyboard almost without help from me.

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  2. Wow! Like a couple of other commenters mentioned, this had a very rap-flow to it, which worked exceptionally well, and I found myself kind of rapping along (horribly) as I read the poem. Really beautifully done.

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    1. Thank you again. If we ever get to Mars I’ll take my special equipment, and you can read my mind. It can’t be done on earth – the walls have special sensors that pick up the waves as they are transferred.


            1. 10 words or less? Ouch!
              I know a couple of people who have been clean and sober for over 15 years. they still go to the meetings and keep up with their readings every day, and i think they always will.
              I like Be kind to yourself. Do not accept the unnacceptable. (Huh!) It works if you work it etc.
              Thank you for your openness. I feel better knowing I have neighbours working the programme. It gives me hope for others.

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    1. Thankyou for your wonderful and encouraging comments.
      I’m afaid of rejection. There, I’ve said it.
      Having said that, I write a lot about addiction and the resulting psychosis. If I become brave enough, I think I would like my writing to go somewhere where it may benefit vulnerable people. I’m trying to put out a message.

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      1. I have thought hard about this, and the generous comments have given me confidence to move forward in the way I wish. I plan for the poems on addiction to be used to educate, and hopefully turn lives around. I am extremely grateful to everyone for their positive input, and if my poetry ever does any good in this world it will be thanks to supportive comments from my readers.


    1. Thank you so much for that Sonya. Maybe you speak the rare language of janebasilese, which is my native tongue, and though remarkably similar to English, there are a few phrases which need translation, ‘i have a fear of rejection’ is a perfect example. A rough translation is ‘I’d love to, but it takes forever to find the resources, and if I stop writing to look I may wander too far and lose my way back.’
      The link you have sent me is probably a Godsend, and I am really grateful. I’ll take a look, and make sure I don’t lose it amongst the bits of string and odd socks.

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  3. Thank you for commenting kindly to Ritsos post.
    I read the “No Longer Human” poem.
    Jane you’ve got voice.
    Your words have power & the imaginatively streaming of lines compose a rather blured image but with full & clear the fellings of your writing.
    Nice work!

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  4. Had I been discerning I wouldn’t have tried to express myself in verses or whatever through poe-try but I should have written rather the oposite, try-poe, if I was wise.
    Poetry is like walking on a tied-rope.
    On your writing now.
    There are three ways we use words, language, phrases, meanings, feelings, literature etc.
    The expression of pioneer’s who discovers the world that of others, the medium that of wandering, seeking and reaching in some conclutions & the final stage, the matured.
    It’s the one where the usage of words comes from an objective/subjective language in which into the same as common knowledge words we have added our own perspective, our own options and we project our experience in a deeper way of words. As though the words have different power, A Strength stumped with our personality. An ID expression.
    I may assure you that you are in this third stage.
    Jane I feel that the words are your property as well as the meanings, feelings, expressions. Yes, you are a whole Cosmos.
    Do you want more about Ritsos? There is this same poem I posted in youtube. It is by Christos Leontis composer & Pashalides in vocals.
    It deserves!

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    1. Thank you. I recognise this as a true compliment, although I have never gone into the theory behind good writing. I just write, leaving no time for learning or any other kind of self-improvement.


  5. I can’t either. What’s wrong with youtube. I searched twice and I found the Ritsos poem, with music in an old concert. Twice I copied the e-address (different both) and twice I checked them and I know you cannot reach it. Is it prohibited to you? I cannot respond. Let me try once more and maybe it works.

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    1. That was out of this world. I was going to say awesome, but I don’t want to use such a contemporary word for something so timeless and beautiful.
      Being a non-linguistic English person,I didn’t understand a word,but that doesn’t matter. If I save the link, hopefully I’ll be able to listen to it again.
      Thank you for that. I’mimpressed.


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