Everlasting Flower

A little bit of romance is my choice for today’s Writing 201 Poetry assignment. It’s an ode about a valuable item tucked away in a drawer, with apostrophe garnish.


forty years have flown since I devotedly fixed it
to the wall by my bed,
near where my head rested
its physical form has long since crumbled
but tucked in a drawer
at the back of my brain

far away from the everyday forefront clutter
still lives that
rose in its organic glory

cupping our story within its proud petals
which whisper
within me when, in the night
insecurities imprison me, impinge on my sanity
and knowledge
of evil keeps me awake

I did not forsake you my rose of devotion
though our love was outlawed
I’ve been ever true

and though to eternity we shall be parted
and never again
may I see your face
all these long years our love everlasting
has cradled me safely
within its embrace

© Jane Paterson Basil

30 thoughts on “Everlasting Flower

  1. “All these long years our love everlasting
    has cradled me safely
    within its embrace”
    Wow!! that is far beyond to be put in my words to appreciate your imagination and your amazing and spectacular work. Created with so filled and drenched of emotions, it is kind of reading over and over again 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful memory Jane, I wish the “rose” may last forever by your side 🙂
    Love and hugs ❤

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    1. The kowledge that the man who gave me the rose is still somewhere out there, and that he loves me has kept me sane through some really difficult times. If you love someone the most important thing is his happiness, and when I walked away from him it was to release him back into the world where he belongs. It was the right choice, and deep down I have never regretted it xxx

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      1. Am glad that you never had to regret in letting him go.
        But is love only to be given? If we loved once, how that love is left only to one side after years? Am sorry, I don’t know what am speaking of, am single, in my twenties and sometimes it feels so wonderful to be loved but the other moment i fear if after i marry someone, his love will stay forever or will change with seasons? That moment i am scared to get married. Am such a fool. But my parents too. I watch them fight since was a kid. I can’t withstand this. Why love can’t be same forever.


        1. Genuine unselfish love is the same forever, but it is a rare thing betweentwo people of opposite sexes. All sorts of insecurities and jealousies creep in, and then there are the small cruelties led by anger, that cause deep resentment.
          But I have known a few couples who share that unselfish love. For most people though, it’s about making the most of what they have, and working hard to keep the relationship going.

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            1. I’m sorry. It’s 5am in England. I’m sleepy, and i didn’t read one of your comments properly before responding. Yes, you have me with you on your journey, and you would not have to go through your life alone anyway, because your lovely, generous spirit shines through xxx

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                1. You’re telling me off! I love it. I think I may throw my self on the floor and start screaming “I don’t want to go to bed! I won’t go to bed!”
                  Ok. I’ll be good, I’ll go to bed now, but only if you promise to wake me up if something exciting happens.
                  I’m thirsty. Can I have a drink please?

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  2. So I am trying to figure out what it is I want to bring from the safety of the ‘drawer’ to the daylight for my Writing 201 Class ….decided to make an elaborate recipe for my neighbors instead, then back again to my website….just checking in. Anyone with a website knows about that. Clicked on your Gravatar randomly….thinking this woman has been to my website….and I found…

    An exception website with an exceptional poem.

    “cupping our story with it’s proud petals.” ….oh my goodness!

    How good is this. How true and real.

    And you know what? I have decided the object I am going to write about…I’ll pull it out of the drawer and take it to the kitchen with me, as the elaborate recipe in the oven cooks for the neighbors! Thank you.


    1. For some reason your comment has brought tears to my eyes. I should be used to kindness by now. Thank you so much for those generous words.
      I’m glad my poem inspired you in such a way. I’ll be over to check out your poem when it goes live.

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