Here is today’s completed assignment for the Writing 201 poetry course. The requirements are Landscape / Found Poetry / Enumeratio


spring will creep in
from around the corner
waiting for the
to annouce its presence
amplify the visual splendor
of this rich earth

first buds appear
trees and shrubs spot with green
beneath them
sturdy stemmed grape hyacinths
sprout and bud into blue
first daffodils open
into welcoming gold-glistened

our spring-time hope is fulfilled
winter fades
and colour cascades over the land

© Jane Paterson Basil

22 thoughts on “Cascade

      1. I thought it was very descriptive. Was that the object of the poem? I gotta say I found the poetry course SO not my cup of tea. I knew I sucked at it in high school. Should have figured I still did! LOL I finally gave up. It was causing me more distress than anything trying to keep up with it.

        But seriously, not everything we write is going to be a home run. Some stuff is just going to be good. Some bad. That poem was good. My suggestion is simply put all your writing in a central place. Don’t throw ANYTHING away because you never know when you can take something and build on it.

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        1. Thanks for the advice. I have a plan for the work in the addiction category – I’m on a kind of a mission – so I take care of all of that. I have reams of saved on my computer, some of it only half-finished.
          As for the rest, I’m finding I scrap less and less. At worst it could be used for patchwork.

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  1. I’m not so much myself into poetry – my highest, hottest sphere of interest is nonfiction- a spiritual memoir I’m currently writing. But Jane, your poems awaken in me feelings and sensations long lost – ever since I was in school and occasionally I would feel overwhelmed by some poem that I had to dissect and anatomyse – otherwise I would never have stopped and ponder over ANY poem. It so happens again now: I would definitely stop and read with pleasure and delight a collection of your poems. Keep going!


    1. I don’t think there are adequate words to describe how much you comments mean to me. I’m sure you’ll understand. all I can do is to humbly thank you for them. I used to feel the words flowing from me, but now, although sometimes they are handed to me, more often I have to work for them, but they are better. We are not given a free ride in this world, and neither would I wish for that.

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      1. no, no free ride. I also know what you mean. I also know that feeling when a kindred mind uplifts you with some meaningful words. It is amazing how much people can and could achieve, if just we were more constructive and supportive of each other! And, I assure you, everything I said was coming from both my heart and mind; Keep going!

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        1. I’m beginning to think of the blogosphere as a small cosmos, and it’s lovely to be a part of it, and to feel I belong. It’s such a positive experience to meet people in this way. Away from the petty judgementalism of everyday life, we can learn to love each other for what we really are inside; for what our deepest hopes, aspirations and pains are. We are not constrained by each other’s petty everyday anger, greed and envy. Instead we try to support and nurture each other. Some say that it’s sad that so many young people are turning to the internet for company, but it’s no wonder that they do; the world is a frightening place for them and perhaps for some the ether is the only place where kindness resides.

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  2. ‘colour cascades over the land’ is a terrific last line. It just burst with the promise spring brings to us – good poem. Though I have no idea how it classes as ‘found’? It does not have to of course that seems to be the beauty of this course with its prompts the way a poem actually ends up arrived does not matter. We just read and enjoy.

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    1. Thank you for your comment.
      As I didn’t have any newspapers, I found a gardening article on line, which had been printed in hard copy, and copied and pasted the words. that way I didn’t really feel I was cheating.
      It was an interesting exercise, producing something I wouldn’t have otherwise written.


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