In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five.”

Maybe this is greedy – I have already used the Daily post’s writing prompt once today, but I suddenly felt inspired to write a post leaving out two vowels. So This post should really be called “Twenty-Four”.


you hid your growth for so long
shimmying on childhood’s holy ground
no proof of lost boyhood showing
now with cloth of smoke you shroud your youth

truth folds within you, hiding in your lost soul
your surly thoughts poison your mind
now, forging unborn horror, you go
down low, down into thick, sticky mud-slick dirt

if I could find within your blind-fold mind
your pot of gold, willingly I would burnish it
I would throw your surly untruths, told to you by fools
into oblivion to rot; to blot out your hurt.

© Jane Paterson Basil

29 thoughts on “Lost Soul

    1. It seems that i lose concentration right at the end, and when I check it over, i lose concentration again. Looking at that last sentence, I don’t know how I can get rid of the E!


      1. You got it! Good job!!! You know it helps if you proofread it backwards. That’s what they taught us in our shorthand transcription class. That’s because even if you leave ltters out of wrds, whn you read thm yur mind wil suply the mising ones. So you read it backwards ’cause your mind can’t process that in the same way. I catch more typos that way.

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            1. With this one I wrote a list of words and phrases. I wrote them down, and then read through them to see what they suggested to me.
              They suggested a lost youth.
              Maybe I should try the same exercise, but make the poem about the circus the next time, just to see if I can.

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        1. Unfortunately I’ve shelved it for the moment, because I’m writing a poem which will probably be called “Oh You”‘ It won’t have A, E or U in it, but I’m relying on you to double check!
          I lost all my inspiration after the poetry course, because I went back to writing without constraints, and I think I need them to focus.


            1. Ooh! A little bit of psychology here? It hadn’t occurred to me, but yes, I think so. It’s harder to rant and embarrass myself if my pallette is limited – though sometimes rants can work, as with “No longer human”.
              But all poetry is constrained.That must be why it works for me. I’m unruly by nature, and it reins me in a little.


              1. I’m that way, too, but I think for me I spent so much time falling in line with what everyone else wanted that I reached a saturation point and just couldn’t do it anymore. I need to be “wild” now to survive, I think. No, probably to thrive. I’ve BEEN surviving all along. I really fought the idea of having a focus for my blog. There was this HUGE NO that welled up inside me. You?

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                1. I noticed a conversation in which you made your feeling clear!
                  I didn’t enjoy school, because I didn’t fit in, and didn’t ‘get’ it, but now I know where I want to go, I really enjoyed it, and learnt a lot. It gave me some of the tools I need to reach people who are sliding into the jaws of addiction, and their loved ones. This is my mission, but I can allow myself to have fun on the way., and after a long, painful struggle, I’m finally enjoying my life.

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                  1. That’s so good to hear. You’ll need that creative restoration if you’re to follow the quest you’re on. Alrighty! I’m off to do some chores. Have a good day or night, which ever it is over there.

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      1. Yes, I am quite unsure how to link change it so that it links to my current blog. I will have to play around with it to see. You did, however, find me yesterday and commented on my post. I look forward to seeing what else you write.

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