I have been hurling vowels out of the window for the past 24 hours. A, E, O and U are currently adorning a rose bush, while I is enjoying the warmth and comfort of my laptop screen. It’s a useful exercise, but I think I have taken it far enough.

BeFunky_buteo bird 2

winning is singing

fly high, bird

this is skill

this is winning

with my sighs

I imply silk

trying it

I sing timidly


I trill

thinly I sing

shrilly inviting

I sing willingly

lightly I


winning is rising

with skill I sing

sky high

it hits

winning is finding wings

© Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “Winning

  1. Always interesting how constraints never really hinder a poet. I like the feeling of the bird’s movement in the air. It somehow reminded me of another poem about a bird – The Windhover, by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

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    1. Thank you.I’ll google The Windhover when I have finished my next post, which includes all of the vowels. I think i took it a bit far, but I was enjoying myself too much to stop. It got me past a block which hit me as soon as the poetry course ended.


      1. Yes, it can feel like an anti-climax when a course ends if you’ve reallenjoyed it – though it doesn’t last long.

        You mentioned you feel like you’re pushing it a bit too far – you set the rules, so you can break them – if you want to rework anything with all the letters in, you can always do that later!

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        1. Funny how I forget things like that… you’re right! That poem is making a particular point, but the constraints are so binding that it doesn’t come across clearly. I feel that found poetry tends to be like that – far too obscure… forced into the wrong shaped hole.
          A psychologist would have a field day studying my aversion to breaking my own rules, but I know the reason for it.

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