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My Story Got Shortlisted!

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I’m so excited!

I recently stepped a little further outside my comfort zone, and submitted a short story to a competition run 4 times a year by Mash Stories. If you haven’t heard of them I suggest that you check them out. They are a friendly bunch of people, and their flash fiction competitions attract quality stories.

The rules are simple: there is a 3 word prompt, and all three words must be used, and the story must not contain more than 500 words.

Stories are assessed as they are submitted, and submissions for this competition are being accepted until April 15th, so if anyone wants to have a go, there is plenty of time. Each story which is shortlisted goes onto the site as soon as possible.

My story got shortlisted!

Just a moment; I would like to say that again!

My story got shortlisted!

In order to qualify for the final, the amount of votes received by a story is taken into consideration. I would be really grateful if you could go over to the website and read my story, and if you like it, vote for it.

Here is the link:


A big thank you to all my readers who have sent supportive comments about my work. Although stories like this aren’t necessarily what I am about, you have given me the confidence to risk rejection, and it has paid off, as I was not rejected!