From Beyond The Skies


If we were to
study this planet through a telescope from a satellite
we would see our people scurrying like ants

their accessories for stylish survival
heavily clumped
around their bodies

their sense of purpose
and their miriad missions
reduced to nothing

we would see

strange sculptures
amid concrete monstrosities

sharp-edged constructions
in our verdant lands

bubbles of billowing mystery
in infertile deserts

tangled ribbons of grey
scribbled where we travel

unrecognised crime-site rubble
in a war torn tragedy

and seas of blue
which bravely refuse to fade
though unseen creatures
beneath its depths
suffer and die

and we would wonder what we are striving for
yet each of us is a universe which has planets within
as is every ant

© Jane Paterson Basil


2 thoughts on “From Beyond The Skies

  1. HL and I were just talking about that very thing last night. He thought I was being weird, but I said we are either like the ants or we’re stuck in the Matrixx! Life goes on and on in spite of everything, doesn’t it… Great job.

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    1. I must have picked up on your brain waves! Thanks for the inspiration.
      Yes, it goes on and if we have any sense we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and find new things to be happy about, and new things to aspire to and achieve.

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