Seasons of Love

.  .  .  .  .  .  .   I love you. 
                  The dips and the 
          crests of you. The wild living 
      heart of you. I love every part of you. 
        In spring you grow and deepen and in 
    summer you glow. In autumn I leave you. As 
  I walk  away weeping, you rustle and sigh 
  behind me, your extremeties dying. But winter
      is for sleeping and we have to part for a  
   while. When warmer weather returns you will 
      stretch and grow again. You will protect me  
     and caress my spirit with bright flowers.   
       You will welcome me into the heart of you.
             Again I will walk your verdant 
                    paths, and smile
                      expand -
                    ing canopy 
                of  green  leaves

© Jane Paterson Basil

21 thoughts on “Seasons of Love

    1. Thank you. My hotmail isn’t working properly, and I spent hours trying to get it right, but finally gave up. There’s meant to be a heart shaped gap in the tree. It looks lovely on my office programme.

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  1. Well you HAD to know I’d love this given my attachment to trees. It sort of looks like the Ent outside my library window! I’ve had those same sentiments about that maple. Great job, even without the heart shape!

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      1. Hi Jane, I have checked out your link and I found it really interesting as we are off grid and I am hoping to promote our glamping site mores this year. The Gypsey wagon is set in an area ideal for a similar camping experience, so thanks for this. 💜👒💜

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        1. I had a feeling you may be interested. You have to be careful of the word ‘glamping’, though. Hugh – the owner of the campsite (and an awesome dude) no longer uses the word, but hasn’t got around to oblitterating it from his site. He found that when he refered to it as glamping he got complaints, whereas now he calls it woodland camping, and gets glowing feedback.
          I hope it goes well,whatever you call it.


    1. I always read my poems aloud before posting them, otherwise I wouldn’t be sure they flowed correctly, and I’d like to do voice recordings, but I have a habit of tripping over the words when I record them.

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