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I’m trying to force
the thoughts in my head
into the shape
of the things to be said
but the wrong sort of sediment
has caused an impediment
in the in whirlwind within my brain
which is draining my sense
of rhyming and timing
and all my vocabulary
is slipping and sliding
out through my ears
as the noises from outside seep in
and even when silence
is all around me
I can’t feel the pattern

© Jane Paterson Basil


11 thoughts on “Blah

      1. Haha, Jane, what times… we are all moving from somewhere over to somewhere else, changing and transforming from something into something else… . Wish you the best, and easy moving; Don’t worry, it’ll all come back to you, and in force – that’s how it always happens. Some of these days I, too, hope I’ll be moving into something else and bring back my muse … aaa, I mean, not my muse, but Chronos, the time god.

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        1. Ah, transformation – this place I’m in is so bright and full of sunhine that my laptop screen has transformed into a mirror and I have to work in the hallway. Not ideal…
          Good luck with finding your something else.

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