label 1

we define ourselves with labels
it makes us feel secure
the weathly say they’re comfortable
the comfortable say they’re poor
the mean say they are thrifty
as they push you out the door
while lots of the ‘hardworking’
are lazing on the floor

the grasping speak of charity
as they buy another slave
the callous say they’re caring
as they step upon your grave
the greedy say they’re hungry
as a seventh course they crave

let’s unstick the labels
we’ve pasted on our heads
let’s nail them to our walls
and live by them instead

© Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “Labels

    1. Maybe I’ll do another post about the way we tend to put unjust and uninformed labels on others – I’m sometimes guilty of it myself, but I am lucky enough to have a close friend who always pulls me up on it.


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