Some Advice, Please


So… inspiration hit me this morning, as a result of a comment I made in response to Michelle Toussaint’s thought-provoking post

Oh, yes, the muse was upon me. I would write a poem about the disguises we hide behind…

Unfortunately my fingers had different plans. They wanted to write another poem about addiction, and that is what they did. The poem is so honest that it shocked even me, and even so, it doesn’t tell the full truth.

Herein lies my dilemma:

I have wriitten a few of these distressing poems lately, and don’t really want my followers raising their eyes heavenward and sighing “Oh no, not again!”

Which one of the following should I do?

  • Start a new blog dedicated to addiction
  • Remove my brain from its hinges and throw it to the seagulls (they’re not fussy about their diet)
  • Post all my addiction poems on this blog
  • Wear my slippers on my ears and tell everybody I’m an elf
  • Carry on as I am, posting some addiction poems, and keeping the rest private
  • Squeeze myself into a baby’s highchair and scream for my dinner (proably not, as my mum was really annoyed the last time I did that. She had to cut me out of it, and then my dad wasn’t happy, because he had to repair it before my sister could use it again)
  • Stop pretending to be a poet, and devote the rest of my life to the gardening I said I’d do (but haven’t)
  • Boil my head in a mix of vinegar and rose oil, to both preserve and sweeten it
  • Become a vegan, build a spaceship and throw nutloaf at passers by, yelling that I’m from the planet Vogon and they have to join me in a salad.
  • See a psychiatrist – although that would be pointles because I saw her last winter and she said there was nothing she could do for me, as it’s not me but the others. Ting ting > come  to the party in my hair > bop bop shoowap > I’m not getting out of the shoebox until those water balloons stop stalking me > beep beep >  don’t sleep in the ice box or your fingers will turn into fish and be eaten by a whale > tum tum > I’m putting carrots up my nose to feed my brain
  • Stop bothering you with silly questions and let you get on with your blogging in peace

This was meant to be a serious post, but as I explained, my fingers have taken over my brain. They’re running amok.

© Jane Paterson Basil


16 thoughts on “Some Advice, Please

  1. lol Jane, why not add another page to this blog and dedicate it to your addiction poetry. Then we have all the wacky Jane we know and love all in one place and we can peep at the stuff you think we can’t handle when you’re not looking.

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        1. Decision made. I’m not going to hide any of my work from anyone.
          If any delicate little flowers have wandered onto my blog, blinded by my deceptive silliness, I hope they’ll look away when my next post goes out.

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  2. Sorry I’m late to stick my two cents worth in — crazy night at home! IMHO I would say keep doing what you’re doing. There’s no better way to raise awareness, and heaven knows we never know what kind of curve ball life will throw at us next. Your poems are educational. They are also good therapy for you, which is helped along by friends who can hold your hand when you’re scared, wipe your tears when you cry, feed you whiskey when you get hysterical, or clock you upside the head if you too big fer yer britches! If anyone has a problem with them, they don’t have to come here and read them. You’re doing this blog for you, dear heart. And so far I haven’t seen even ONE post that says, “Hey, knock that crap off. I don’t like to think about stuff like that!” And if someone WOULD ever say that, I’d block their sorry butts! There! That’s what I think… 😀 {{{Jane}}}

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    1. Thank you Calen. I think you’ve just told me exactly what I wanted to hear. I’ve decided not to split my work up. to split my work up. Part of my message is that it is possible to have a life even if somebody you love is an addict. If I separate those poems from the rest, I won’t be able to covey that message.
      so I’ll just stop worrying about offending the delicate sensibilities of my readers. Theyre perfectly capable of looking after themselves.
      Oh, and thanks for not suggesting I boil my head in vinegar and rose-water. Rosewater is quite expensive in a quantity large enough for my head!


  3. Ah, you did make me laugh there! Very funny – you should write more comedy, it suits you 🙂
    It’s a difficult question really to answer and one which depends on what you want from your blog – do you want this blog to reflect all sides of your personality, to keep it mixed up? Or do you want to section off your different writing styles?
    I know lots of people who keep a couple of blogs – one lady who writes academic works and literature, another who comments on all sorts of funny, nonsense things and then has a separate blog (which is very good) which covers her interest in gravestones!
    This is your space, to shape as you want it, your virtual home. It’s got to be where you feel totally comfortable, so if you’d feel more comfortable compartmentalising your different writing, then do it.
    But there are plenty of people following you, so don’t worry that you’re getting your readers down, because you’re clearly not!
    Sorry if that’s too vague to be helpful x

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    1. You weren’t too vague. Your comment is very helpful. Thank you for taking the trouble to think about it and respond. I really don’t want to put myself into seperate boxes, because I’m trying to say “This is me. All of me, and this is my life. Bad things happen, but good things happen too, and I keep my sense of humour, so it’s ok.”
      I was concerned that the drug poems may be a bit much for some of my readers, but you’ve made me realise that I shouldn’t separate them. I want suffering parents to see that there is life after the addiction of a loved one. (Although it often takes hard work and determination to stay positive. I had to learn to laugh again.)
      Thank you again. You really have been very helpful.

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      1. Just my thoughts, but glad if they helped clarify things. I think you’re right, Jane. If the point of the blog is to show the good and the bad, it would be too negative just to have a blog of your addiction poetry- great though it is.
        And I love the idea of having a blog that shows every aspect of you – a digital representation of your mind!
        Really loved your comic writing – seriously 🙂

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