In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”


so many pretty parcels
wrapped in rainbow tissue
shaping simple promises
bound within my heart-strings

twinkling they wooed me
then proceeded to undo me

with malicious trickery
they kicked away my innocence
then kicked away the pillars
I had built with what remained

they kicked away my history
they kicked away the mystery
I had hidden in the spinning
that had kept my soul sustained

I lay amidst ripped rainbow tissue and the tattered rags of my ignorance, sensibility quickly returning,
and I realised happiness does not live within the fairytales of those prattling parcels that promise a future of castles sublime

it is within us to find, to fight for
to nurture and feed
it is never complete
and it starts with a seed of love

© Jane Paterson Basil


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