Love/Hate Challenge

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Here’s an unexpectedly mind-stretching challenge that looks like it will be doing the rounds on WordPress. I picked it up from Calen, at Impromptu Promptlings, who had, in turn, got it from Fimnora at Quantum Hermit. I invite anybody who wishes to grab the torch, and carry it onward.

It sounds simple, but I’m not so sure. The challenge is to make a list of 10 things you love, and 10 things you hate.

These are my lists:

I love

  • My extended family, some of whom are not really related to me. They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. We choose to adopt some of our friends into our family.
  • Seeing others triumph over their demons. There are so many demons; depression, addiction, greed, hatred, loneliness, shyness, low self-esteem, psychosis, mental and physical disability… to name but a few. But millions of people every day are striving to be better, and winning.
  • The bloggers who have reached out their hands to me in friendship and support. I don’t say this lightly. You have held me upright, and made me stronger.
  • The sky, which gives me a reason to look upwards.
  • Trees, which give us beauty, clean the air and remind us that we need roots in order to strive.
  • A warm spring morning, giving promise of the future.
  • Flowers, which attract butterflies and pollinating bees, and add beauty and colour to my life.
  • Writing and writing and writing.
  • My new home. Some would say that a one bedroom flat on the third storey of a block built for the ageing and disadvantaged is nothing special, and I’ve lived in houses which may have been more spacious and prestigious, but this is my home.
  • Love. I love love. I spent many years of my life shying away from it, distrusting it because something which gave itself that name had bitten chunks off me, so I didn’t think I was allowed it; didn’t think I was worthy. I didn’t even think that I was worthy of love from my children, because deep down, I must be a bad person. But as it turns out, I’m not.

So that’s my rather wordy list. There are many more things I could say I love: books, curry, (particularly if it contains cream and coconut) good coffee, Morris Minors, cheese, sewing machines, jugs, bridges, stationary, jeans; but they’re just the luxuries I could survive without. Imagine trying to survive without trees and love!

I hate

  • Greed/selfishness. (the flaw, not the greedy person) I believe they are the different sides of the same same thing.
  • Corruption 
  • Being angry
  • Lack of care for this beautiful planet.
  • Capitalism (although I know that we’re not ready for the alternative)
  • Targeted bullying. This is a word which I believe is misused these days. By bullying I mean deliberate cruelty towards the weak and vulnerable.
  • The suffering brought about by indifference and abuse towards humans and animals. That covers a lot of ground…
  • Over-production of plastic
  • My weaknesses and flaws
  • Dysfunctional computers

Phew! Not as easy as I thought, and all the second list really tells you is that I hate the damage caused by human beings to plant and animal life and to the air that we breathe. I didn’t manage to mention that I can’t stand dessicated coconut unless it’s incorporated into curry; in which case I love it!

© Jane Paterson Basil


6 thoughts on “Love/Hate Challenge

    1. Thank you sister. This is a wonderful way to get to know each other – away from the humdrum day to day life bloggers go straight to the heart of it, and talk about what really makes them tick. I love it xx


  1. I hate the things you hate so I would be guilty of plagiarism. I also hate the US news which spends its time distracting us with shiny pieces of garbage and infomercials. The best news you can get is on comedy central.

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    1. The UK news is the same, but you forgot to mention the propaganda. My sister-in-law lives in Seattle when she’s not over here with my brother (the perfect marriage) and she says that propaganda is rife. It keeps the people under the government’s thumb, so they’re too busy ranting about ‘lazy shirkers’, terrorists and immigrants to notice what’s really going on. But then maybe it’s easier not to look beneath the surface.


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