Gardening. Day 2

An image of how I would like my border to look. So beautiful! But it will never resemble this garden, because it contains too many Azaleas. 

I spent several happy hours in my sister’s garden today, and by the time I left, her herbaceous border was weeded and thinned out, and I had loads of stock to plant in ‘my’ garden, so we were both happy. I’d offered to keep her garden tidy, and she’s now had a good first installment of that promise, but I’m not sure whether I’ll have the time to keep up with it, because my garden is quite large. It’s in two parts. At the moment I’m working on the strip in front of the building, but there’s another strip at the side of the block, and it carries on along the back. This area is also very public, so it’s important to try and get the whole of it in order. There’s also a private garden for the residents to sit in which probably needs work, but I haven’t even looked at that properly.

We have some younger residents with special educational needs, and I may try and encourage them to help me. People with educational difficulties are often undervalued, and because of that they sometimes believe they have no use. I volunteer in an Oxfam shop, and one of Oxfam’s policies is to encourage so called ‘disadvantaged’ people to help in their shops, where they can learn valuable skills and feel like valuable members of society, perhaps for the first time in their lives. I would like to offer the residents a similar opportunity. I’d also be genuinely glad of some help.

Maybe we could get a cold-frame at some point, and be allocated a space for seed sowing, who knows? Growing plants from seed brings a real sense of achievement and satisfaction. I have seen wonderful transformations in individuals as a result of working in community gardens. maybe this garden can make a positive difference in somebody’s life.

It would be nice to grow vegetables… 

But I mustn’t get ahead of myself. I’ll make more of an effort to spend time in the community room, and properly get to know people. An old friend of nearly 40 years standing has been living here for several years. She knows all of the residents and is close to a couple of the women with special educational needs. I may have a quiet word with her in the next week or two.

© Jane Paterson Basil

15 thoughts on “Gardening. Day 2

  1. You’re garden is turning into a very special blessing! I’m so excited that you have the opportunity to draw others into what’s obviously such a stress relief for you. You’ll make a heck of a mentor. Way to go, girlfriend!


    1. I’m not too sure – whenever \i realize that I’m in a leader ship role, I start mumbling and avoiding eye contact. I’ll just have to see myself as one of the gang. When I’m placed on an equal basis with others I become more confident., and don’t mind standing out.
      It looks like I have an issue with vulnerability!


    1. Gardening is great. To be able to sow a seed and see it sprout is so empowering, and turning a wasteland into a beautiful place – whether you grow veg or ornamental plants – is good for the soul.
      Enjoy your gardening!


    1. I’d like coffee, please. For years people have been saying I drink too much of it, but I’ve just discovered a) that it brings my heart rate down – I checked it out, and there’s no doubt, and b) that I’m not dehydrated even though it’s the only thing I’ve drunk for years – lately I’ve been having a few gulps of water in the mornings when I take my thyroxine.

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      1. We have a George Clooney (that’s what I call it ‘cos of the ads). In normal speak it’s a Nespresso coffee maker machine thing. Does that make it more tempting ? If I could I would include GC in the offer but he’s taken 😦

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