black draped strangers
faltering at the door
whispering or silent
those furtive glances
taking in the turn-out
searching for familiar faces
locking eyes
with a smile that
only reaches half-way
before reversing

the uncertainty of where to sit;
whether to kneel;
the shuffling;
the muffled coughs;
throat clearing;
snuffling sniffs;
the rustle of paper
the memories
those memories
those regrets
while we wait
patiently for once
for the man
who always
kept us waiting
for the man who
always said
“I’ll be ten minutes”
we wait patiently
this final time

some old hands
come in as if
for a serious
business meeting
familiarly, and in
professional manner
they go straight
to vacant seats
as if those places had
been reserved for them

they kneel and
bow their heads
in prayer for
the allotted time

and I
tangled within
enforced hypocrisy
see the hollows
of those who loved him.
unreachable, their
brains reverberate
with keening motion
each with memories
of one they never knew
each with their
private regrets

the oak doors open
you make your
final entrance
in rich-casked glory
crowned in roses
and rosemary for
flanked by a
procession of tears

you alone are at
peace for evermore

Jody Winship
Born 28/11/1979
Died 28/11/2014

© Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “Jody

    1. I was going to introduce him, but my posts go onto my Facebook page, and I didn’t want to draw too much attention to it, because there are people who know him. I didn’t intend to give it that title, and I’ve tried to delete the whole thing from there, but I don’t know how.
      Jody was my daughters boyfriend and was a tortured soul. They had a toxic relationship; the only kind of which either of them was capable, but they had dreams. He and I were on bad terms at the end because he had done something unforgivable from which my family has not yet recovered. The last time I saw him I turned my back and walked away. I feel no guilt over this, but I felt awful at the funeral. I had to be there to support Laura.
      The funeral was heartbreaking. I was already resolved to try and do something to help people who are falling into the clutches of drug addiction, but that day clinched it. He came from a good, loving family who always did their best for him, but it didn’t make any difference.


  1. Okay, here are better instructions on how to delete your poem if you still wish to: Go to your blog. Under ‘My sites” on the left side of your screen, go to WP Administration. Under “At a Glance” click on “Posts”, find the post you want to delete and when you run the cursor over the name of this blog, below it it gives you a choice to edit, quick edit or trash the posting. Click ‘trash’ and your posting will vanish.
    Let me know if it works!! If not, ask questions…Judy

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  2. Hi. I’ve been following your blog and you have spoken about your daughter’s drug addiction. You read my poems “Looking for China White ” and “H is for Hell ” and replied. You said your daughter’s boyfriend was also a drug addict. I really am so sad for the way things have turned out for you. Fuck Drugs.

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