Tell the World

Tell the world

I felt I had to share the link to an excellent post I read today about drug addiction over at insanitybytes. Although it’s a heartbreaking problem which affects families in bustling cities and one-horse towns alike, nobody wants to talk about it. I have been trying to encourage people to stand up straight and tell their stories openly, because unless we come out of the closet we can’t do much to solve the problem. insanitybytes post is well worth checking out, particularly if you have an addict in the family. At the end of the post, there’s a link to Stop the Silence. This blog is written by the mother of an addict, and it mirrors my own feeling on the problem. She encourages people to share their stories in her comments section, and the number of responses she’s received suggest that too many people are desperate to talk about it, but only dare do so on drug-related platforms.

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2 thoughts on “Tell the World

  1. Oh how true the need for conversations for all kinds of reasons. For without conversations how can we ever truly understand this world, our world, others’ worlds. Thank you for your conversations 🙂

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    1. And thank you for your response. Of course you’re right, it doesn’t just go for addiction. Open and honest, non-judge-mental exchange is so important, and I find it more on the blog-o-sphere than anywhere. I’m so grateful for the strength it’s given me.

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