Nose Versus Fingers

Hand 1

I have to type with my nose while my fingers are sleeping. They won’t let me write prose and every time I try to type an idea they take over and run amok across the virgin page, and…

So I’m running amok!
When you call me a mok
I can’t help my mockery
your nasal protrusion
just causes confusion
why, half of the time
your dubious rhyme
sends me to sleep
but awake I must keep…

awake I must keep?
What kind of sentence is that?
At the drop of a hat
you take over my keyboard
and send my words seaward
put my nose out of joint
with no sensible point
and you press those letters
ignoring your betters…

Ignoring my betters?
I do not ignore
I simply deplore
your idle wordsmithery
your withery dithery
watery blood on the page
why don’t you engage
in a joke or two
it’s the least you can do…

make way for my nose
it has something to say!
you just added that line
for the sake of a rhyme
and rhyming’s the tool of a jester
but I’m beginning to see
how dull I can be
when I whine and I moan and I fester
you want me to smile
once in a while
and perhaps have the odd… can you help me with this one please?

bester… lester… hester… mester… fiesta… no, doesn’t sound right
siesta… SIESTA!

Yes, siesta will fit and we all need sleep
in that I am no exception
so let us be friends
our differences mended
away with the idle deception
we are one and the same
with one single aim
to attract a friendly reception

© Jane Paterson Basil


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