Three Glowing Sparks

I love Esther Newton’s weekly challenges!

Esther’s challenge this week is to write a poem or story based on the visual prompt of a haunted lighthouse.

stepping  from
       the car with  an 
          airy feeling  in 
          her head  and  her 
        feet, and a return of
       that  lost  freedom 
       she hasn't  felt 
        since      then, 
           a  lifetime  ago,
             she lets the grey 
             glow  in  the  sky 
            lead  her  where it 
          may; along  familiar 
        lanes,  abandoned  by 
        her; so, so long ago
         in the  vain  and
          hopeless  hope
         that the pain 
        may  fade
      one day,
            and yet she 
              roams these 
              roads   again 
            untouched now  by
        the memory of       then;
   of  that  searing  second, minute, 
 hour, day, week, month, year, eternity
when everything had screamed within her.
 when. everything. good. was. dead.
   everything     dead.
              now the 
              old windmill
            towers above her,
          its crumbling walls 
       concealing worm eaten 
     floorboards which 
      and now  two 
           figures approach 
            and she walks into 
             their silken glow.
            her   children
          have waited
       in this place  
      these many years 
      so  patiently   waited  
        for her embrace and as they 
           all  join  hands  her   form
               shimmers into translucence.

                 several   miles   away, 
                  strangers  stand in 
                  shock beside the 
                 wreck of a car, 
               mourning     her 
             shredded  shell  on 
          the blood-spattered bonnet
      and sadly  shaking  their heads.
   an  approaching  siren  wails,  and 
  they turn their heads   from  death;  
   but    I    see     the      three 
     glowing    sparks     as   they 
      leave the heart of the woman 
        and soar up to the sky
         and I know that 
        she's healed 
      at last.

© Jane Paterson Basil


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