Lazy day

maybe I’m to blame
for lazily reading
instead of arranging
my words on this page

my brain was regaled
and I was enchanted;
bewitched by her tale
at the turn of each page
until daylight was fading
and I’d reached the
end of the trail

now I’m trying to make
my mind behave but
my inspiration
has waved farewell
so I could claim that she
wasted my day
but she waved her wand
and she soothed my brain
in such a pleasant way

© Jane Paterson Basil


20 thoughts on “Lazy day

  1. Nothing wrong with the odd day off – had a couple myself the last two days and feel better for it. Hopefull coming back all guns blazing. Must admit I’ve never read any Barbara Trapido – good is she?

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    1. Her work is full of unlikely coincidences, which I feel is cheating a bit, so you have to suspend whatsit – disbelief? Not a serious read and you won’t learn a lot about mating habits in outer Mongolia or the way that traditional belief patterns have shaped the thinking of the flob-a-lob tribe of Southern Ting Tong, but she’s fun. Maybe a bit pretentious, but aren’t we all. A bit.

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      1. She’s a Booker longlister, isn’t she? Doesn’t sound very ‘Booker’, darling! Nothing wrong with a fun read, though I do find too many coincidences stretch my patience a little. A good read is never to be underestimated, though 🙂

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        1. Don’t baother with her. She ahs her merits, but her characters are little too sparkly and almost every hidden character bursts into a cafe near the end, and those who don’t, turn up a few pages later – all the unknown fathers and twins’ tying everything up neatly. It’s outrageous, and not my normal read. Actually, there’s something I should tell you before our friendship goes any further. It may shock you but I have to be honest. I’m bi-genre. Always have been. I read everything, for all ages, as long as it’s good (with exceptions), it’s fiction, (don’t want to know about reality) and it’s not about war or sport (with exceptions) – or vampires. Oh! that makes me multi-genre. Disappointing. It doesn’t work so well.

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          1. Haha! Well, I confess, I’m a dabbler myself, though I don’t read chicklit, sports (yuck!) and rarely war. Oh, and extreme, horribly explicit violence and ‘True confessional, children being abused’ stuff… In fact, what the hell do I read? 🙂

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            1. Sounds like we avoid exactly the same things – I hate that voyeristic child abuse stuff. There’s something tragic about the need to read that.
              About all those typos in my last message – I was very tired yesterday.

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              1. It’s like the horrible ‘women’s mags’ where people have sold their real life tragedies for other people to be entertained by. They appeal to our basest natures and I can’t understand why somone would want to read that during a coffee break – horrific

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                1. I used to read magazines called “True Life” and True Story” when I was about 14.
                  Urgh! As I said, I was about 14. But shame on me anyway.
                  I think a lot of people get a thrill out of ripping their own guts out.

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                    1. Not an easy thing to do sometimes. We all have our particular bug-bears, and I find it hard not to dispise people who read that awful stuff. But we all have out weaknesses too – I waste a lot of time playing 3D mahjong on the computer. That’s pretty stupid. But then on the other hand, I don’t have a TV, so I don’t waste my time watching Corrie or Eastenders. Not that I would anyway.

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                    2. I watch way too much TV, but no soaps, reality or ‘talent’ shows- life’s way too short. I’m more a BBC4/ documentaries about Ancient Greece kind of girl than Arse Enders 🙂

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                    3. I’m not sure that keeping up with documentaries can be called “watching too much television.”
                      Apart from being educational, it probably influences your thoughts, and that in turn influences the way you write

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    1. I love colouring in too. used tohave a couple of colouring books with complex geometric patterns in. They were made from really good quality paper. What’s the quality of the paper in those books like?


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