Ways to be clever


there are miriad ways to be clever

you can invent a recipe and bake a brand new kind of cake
or give a contraversial lecture titled “Art for Goodness Sake”
or write a thesis on the reasons why we like the colour blue
or find the secret reasons for the things that madmen do

you can argue with your neighbour and pursuade him black is white
or design a new contraption which gives blind folks perfect sight
or discover a new method to immortalise the heart
or teach aspiring teachers their knowledge to impart.

or, like me
you can write poetry
but I don’t feel very clever right now

© Jane Paterson Basil


7 thoughts on “Ways to be clever

    1. I’ve got my daughter with me, and while she seems more well than she has been for a while, she’s deliberately being strange – not exactly a bundle of laughs. I have to make my own amusement or I’ll end up inpaling myself on the dinner fork which she has left beside me.


      1. I don’t mind the concept of eternal peace – a nothingness into which we can all happily sink. I just want to live a very long, happy, healthy life first!
        I like the cosmological idea that we’re all made from the chemicals that were created in the Big Bang, chemicals that have been recycled into stars and rocks and algae or whatever, and finally humans. Love that – we’re all stardust, man 🙂

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