There is Hope

I rarely re-blog, and perhaps I should have written a similar post myself, but this says it all, and better than I could.
I’d like to thank A. for every word he writes. He’s really something.

SOBrSOLDIER / Saints & Sinners Survivors Club

This was a tough one to put together and relive in my head again.  But if it reaches just one person then it will be worth it.

I cannot stress enough the seriousness of depression, alcoholism, addiction and dual diagnosis.  It is a matter of life and death.. If you suffer from these please seek help.  If you know anyone that suffers talk to them about help.

There are millions of people treated yearly for these illnesses.  There over one hundred thousand deaths a year from alcohol, drug and suicide related causes.

These diseases about took my life from me.  Or more aptly made me take my own life from me.

Please share this!

Addiction affects the whole family.  And will touch every family in one way or another.

If you are the child of an addict or the parent or sibling or friend. Please share this!  I’m tired of seeing…

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