Pete rang me
to tell me that he has
been handed an eviction notice
because of you. Although your shouting is
the reason he must leave he didn’t seem angry with you.
He even tried asking the housing people
to find a safe place for
you to live.
I offered sincere
commiseration and he
said things would work out fine,
I told him of your latest phone call;
of how you said that Wills was dead and
the police have seen the connection between
all of the twelve names on your list of deceased, and
had finally believed that your tale of conspiracy was true,
so they were taking you away to a place of safety
where you wouldn’t be found, because you
were the intended victim behind
all of the murders.
You were in danger yourself,
and were ringing to say goodbye
Pete snorted a laugh and said Wills was alive,
he saw him this morning, walking through town,
but he’d ring him right now to make sure he’s all right.
A few minutes later he rang me back to
confirm that Wills was fine, but
he’d been evicted because
of your shouting,
adding another name
to the list, not of the dead,
but of the friends who erred by
giving you somewhere to eat and sleep.
He’s been moved to high level assisted housing
and is glad to be safely out of your reach.
You’ve already blown it in my house.
Shouting, shouting, shouting.
You need to stop shouting,
or you’ll be shouting
on the streets.

©Jane Paterson Basil


4 thoughts on “Shouting

    1. Please don’t trouble yourself with this Calen. It’s awful. I’m skimming the edge of insanity at the moment, and my writing is unreliable. I felt it coming on a few days ago, and you, with your intuitive mind, would probably spot when it began if you went through my recent posts.
      A lot of things have happened over the past ten days, and when my neighbour
      kicked me BECAUSE she could see I was already slipping, it almost finished me. I’m supposed to be working at the Oxfam shop today, but I can’t bring myself to leave the flat.
      It doesn’t stop me from sharpening my teeth with treebark though…

      Liked by 1 person

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