8 thoughts on “Grim Reaper – Haiku

    1. Heroin erases your personality. The ink is the poison

      I have an alternative version. I don’t know which works better. This is the other one:

      no need for a steel scythe
      now, smothering with feathers
      you steal their young lives

      Heroin makes people feel as it they’re wrapped in a warm, safe blanket.

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  1. It’s an awful, awful thing and something I’ve rarely been exposed to. I think that’s thanks to an experience I had when very young.
    Dad was a youth worker and one of the young people he knew – a lad called Dickie – became a friend of the family. He’d carry me on his shoulders when I was small – so high up, scary and exciting.
    I remember the day the two police officers came to the door – I guess my Dad was the closest he had to next of kin. They took their hats off – they were very serious. They told us Dickie had died – an overdose. I remember saying to my Mum ‘They’re lying aren’t they? Dickie’s not dead.’ My Mum was crying and then I knew the police men were telling the truth. I remember crying too then. He was a grown up playmate and he was gone.
    Sorry. Don’t know why I felt the need to share that depressing tale. Thinking of a young life rubbed out. Apologies, Jane x

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    1. No need for apologies. It’s a terrible thing to lose an older friend who you look up to. It happened in our family, although it wasn’t an overdose, but it changed our lives forever. It was nineteen years ago.
      To lose someone through overdose is all the more terrible.
      You live in Bristol, and you don’t come across this? I know so many people who have moved there and come back addicted to heroin. Not all of them are https://widgets.wp.com/notifications/1983826866#alive now. One of them died just a couple of weeks ago. It’s heartbreaking. I am involved with other families of addicts. Death is always on the cards.


      1. Yes, something I’ll never forget. Poor, sweet lad.
        I’m pretty naive when it comes to drugs – pretty much the only thing I’ve indulged in are cigarettes and alcohol. I see people in the street and assume they’re using, but I don’t always see it. A friend pointed out some odd behaviour in a woman in the park once – sort of sucking on her own teeth – and said it was a symptom of having taken something. I hadn’t a clue. Husband was at a party where his friends started snorting cocaine and he made a swift exit. It’s always something we’ve avoided – I guess it scares us.

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        1. It’s good to be scared. I have always been surrounded by drug users, for some reason. I was the one who was always described as being straight and boring, but i’m still alive and have most of my marbles.
          Sucking her ownteeth? She was gurning. It’s a result of doing Extasy/MDMA drugs. I don’t know why anyone would want to do something that makes them chew off their own faces, but it takes all sorts, and actually those particular drugs don’t worry me, as they are comparatively low risk. The real danger with them is depressive illness.

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