Daily Archives: August 13, 2015

Brain rape


and as I am 
     about to drift 
            into simple sleep,   
                  a  shadowy  vision 
                    ripples,  disappears, 
                     shimmers, glows clear.
                      bare-chested &  with
                      unlikely ears, his 
                      fleshy lips  move,  
                      bringing unbidden 
                      masculine  theory, 
                      criticising my dim,
                      uncemented   rhymes   
                      and  elusive  ideas    
                      slyly stealing them 
                    away, replacing them 
                  and  his   spectral 
              image,  with bright
           shiny colours and
       contortions, and, 
     as I am  losing
   the struggle to 
  remember,   and 
   just  as I begin
     to  welcome   and
       slip into the pink-
          tinged slim oblivion
               of  deepest  sleep
                  he   seems  to  be
                     promising me,  he
                      whisks away those 
                      calming pictures   
                     he placed behind  
                    my closed lids, 
                    insulting me
                    anew with his 
                     slyly grinning 
                      picture and the  
                     reminder that he
                    has raped this 
                  t i r e d 

©Jane Paterson Basil