First Chapter is OUT NOW!

Check out the first chapter of Aaron Lee’s novel. It’s good!

SOBrSOLDIER / Saints & Sinners Survivors Club

It is here!CHAPTER 1

First Chapter  If I Should Fall From Grace With God … Again

Chapter one “The Beast, The Angel, and The Madman”

Please go read it!  Go check it out! And give it a +vote!!!

If you like it, share the link and spread it around.

Even if you think its terrible share the link and spread it around and +vote it for being terrible.

I will send you a cookie!

If you have read anything of mine on here, the story is a lot like my others.  It is fiction but 90% nonfiction and autobiographical.  And I even have to say, that after reading it I can’t believe some of it is true.


This is a non paying publishing so your +votes help since JukePop has paying rewards for top authors and higher promotions.  Which equals more exposure and chances of funding a hard copy of the…

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