Daily Archives: August 24, 2015

I am a mosaic


I am a mosaic, a work in progress
shiny tesserae and old bits and bobs
press against the core of me,

artists and wannabees, wasters and laymen
added crocks of blue china, rough chips of clay
to this humble monument to error and chance
others, through destructive intent or carelessness
knocked off corners, pressed dents into the surface

I could have been more selective, assertive and wise
I could have chosen better materials,
better accessories to adorn this mosaic of life
I could have refused the scraps of kitsch,
the cheap reproductions, produced
by abusive regimes

like a Rorschach inkblot printed in blood, this mosaic has beauty
and it tells a different story to each soul who views it
to some I seem strong, a few think me feeble
others see a victim of circumstance

and now I try to paint honest pictures of all of my parts
exposing the secrets beneath age-dulled glaze
I invite you to take one, or several or all
examine them singly, in groups
or sling them away

you may draw any conclusion or none
you may respect, despise or pity me

I don’t mind, but I readily tear out my heart in portions
in the hope that if misfortune wears a hole in yours
you may find a bright tessera which fits


©Jane Paterson Basil