Sitting on sunshine #Haiku


four yellow cushions
purchased today, giving me
a room full of sun

©Jane Paterson Basil


7 thoughts on “Sitting on sunshine #Haiku

    1. I’m so happy! I planned to make yellow cushions to tie onto my dining chairs, but, the way I am these days, I realised that I probably wouldn’t get around to it. I was waiting for the right fabric to turn up in Oxfam. Yesterday I went to Lidl. I get my coffee and yogurt there as the yogurt is cheap and good, and for some reason the coffee is the best i have ever had.
      Where was I? Oh, yeah, Lidl. They had 4 – exactly 4 yellow cushions in exactly the right shade, with ties. The only cushions in the place, AND they were reduced in price. They fitted easily into my week’s budget, because I had allowed for a day out with friends, that had been cancelled – I didn’t feel like going anywhere anyway. They were meant for me!
      They look so pretty, and I needed them, because my chairs were a bit hard.
      Little things make me inordinately happy.

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