This sad town


beneath the splishing hum and grind
of traffic on rain-drenched road
I hear the tachycardic heart
of this sad town, as it struggles
against nature, to survive

©Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “This sad town

    1. Anna Cottage? Tell me more.
      I think you’re right about waking up – except that I’ve always been aware of the issues of war, nuclear threat, indifference, addiction, race hatred, pollution… turns out I’m what I always wanted to be – my mother’s daughter. I was only seven years old when she told me that it’s wrong to wear the hides of animals that are slaughtered for the sake of our vanity.
      I didn’t think it would get this bad – I thought the world governments would take the trouble to get together and tidy things up. I think that’s called idealism. not so like my mum, she was a compassionate realist. I’m an angry idealist.

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