Daily Archives: August 28, 2015

You tell me I am beautiful

Dedicated to my wonderful, supportive readers – I hope you know who you are – with an honourable mention to weirdawesome, who inspired this poem.


like scuffed matchboxes
filled with char-blackened slivers
whose historic flames lit a thousand hidden acts
my tarnished psyche hid in dusty corners
exuding a hallucinatory obsidian gleam
dimly seen through the gaps
between my splitting seams

shimmering and difficult to read
concealing the realities
it hinted at unseemliness
iniquitous dealings
ill-concealed secrets

the roads I walked had seen my every move
the foolishness of my tarnished youth,
the weighted lead so casually assimilated

with shoulders drooped I hung my head in shame
envisioning scorning eyes: the sear of disdain and disbelief

layer by layer I unpeel the tattered shreds of my past
fearfully flattening the folds to reveal each faded crease
every blot of unease, the rips and the holes
made by those wicked souls who abused me
the original pattern, stained and distorted by age
the casual embroidery of my mistakes

I stand raw, nervous, sure I have erred
while you study each flaw in my fabric
you desipher my weave and understand

you tell me I am beautiful
you are beautiful too.

©Jane Paterson Basil