Bent, but not broken


not this, please, not this
heart slamming against bent bone
I stare at the proof

soon, the lies will come
covering pain with more pain
over and again

his plausable words
attack my brain, clash with truth
giving no escape

I wake with the day
aching, I take up a pen
and I write, I write.

©Jane Paterson Basil

10 thoughts on “Bent, but not broken

    1. Yes. Paul has messed up. I’ve had a meltdown and I’m not coping. I’m off to visit a good friend in a few minutes. She’ll bully me into digging the garden while I talk, and by this evening I’ll feel a lot better. I always go to her when things are wrong. She knows how to ease the bruising.

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    1. Thank you Ramaxa!
      So, it’s because we’re hurting that we write the way we do. We’re used to variations on the same theme running through our brains. Sometimes we repeat the same horror over and over again, finding different nuances, with the result that we become more eloquent. I think you have a point.

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        1. At least your comment makes it clear that whatever happened is in the past.
          I think it’s like grief – it takes a while to recover.
          I hope that one day you may be able to write it all out of your system. Somehow, having other people read and understand what you’ve gon through helps with the healing process.
          Two of my children are heroin addicts. For a long time I was ashamed, and felt that I wasn’t as good as the people I passed in the street, because of my children. I statred blogging about nine months ago, and I decided that I was going to be completely open about my life. I receive amazing support from my readers, who respect my honesty, and it has entirely changed the way I see myself. My life is still not easy, but I have regained my dignity and self-respect. At the same time i have known others grow and develop through telling their story. One of them is a recovering meth addict, and alcoholic. Some of the things she has written about herself could be thought really shocking, but I admire her for her courage.
          But you can’t write about it if you have genuine fears about the consequences..

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