Summer evening cinematics


Striped by bright rays from setting sun
orange and gold paint the evening sky.
A giraffe swells from darkening clouds
quickly shape-shifting into a sea monster
with fearsome nostrils which wildly flare.

Unflinching beside the beast
a full-frocked lady on a pony rests
in preparation for metamorphosis
into a historic warrior with braided hair
brandishing a mighty stone axe.
The steed upon which he sits
slowly turns its head to stare in through my window.
The monster sinks, intimidated
into the smoky grey.
Their mission accomplished
man and horse morph into a winged angel
with an expanding beard.

Casually, the angel detaches his wings
dispersing his body into the ether.
The head swells into a Disney cartoon
before thinning and disappearing
into the charcoal cloud.
Behind, reddened sky sinks to grey
as it signals the end of another summer day.

©Jane Paterson Basil

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