Into the future


recovering quickly
standing tall, walking forward
into the future

©Jane Paterson Basil


10 thoughts on “Into the future

    1. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I love good typos!
      Oak – standing strong. Acorn – new growth. (from tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow.) I find it sometimes helps to compare myself to trees, and this evening I decided I want to be an oak tree for a while. Right now my back is aching, and I don’t want to be a willow tree, bending in the wind. I need to be firmer than that.
      Paul is going to spend three days away from everything, in the countryside, to try and recover. He probably wouldn’t have made that decision if I hadn’t acted tough.
      I didn’t feel tough. I expect you noticed…
      Oh, how I’d love to be a blossoming cherry sapling again – or maybe not.

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        1. He’ll be with his dad, who has been a nightmare to me in the past, but he’s doing his best for his children now.
          My heart is a knarled old horse-chestnut. It spread outs, to protect those beneath it. It bears beautiful, bright, shiny fruit, but the shells are spiky, and the fruit quickly dulls and wrinkles.

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      1. Well I hope his DAD practices that same kind of tough love you did. I actually love your description of what the tree of your heart is. It’s so full of interesting characteristics! Ever written a poem about it?

        I laughed at knarled and gnarled. One’s spelled about as dumb as the other. I was telling Plato this morning I was fixing a bit crackpot of ham and beans for supper! o_O

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        1. Would that be a big crockpot, or were you just fixing a crazy meal?
          How do you spell that word over there? Narled? We spell it with a G here.You have to remember I’m English. Our writing is quaint. Or should I say kwaint?
          The thing about the chestnut tree only just came to me when you asked the question. I’ll have to make a note of it for later.


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