Adonis with a rueful smile


When, at night
I curl to welcome sleep
behind wrinkling lids I see you
my Adonis with a rueful smile
flicking your head
an anarchic lock of flopping blonde hair
flies back to reveal eyes of steely blue
giving you a momentarily clear view
before the golden curtain falls again

and although
for many years I haven’t seen your face
the distance between those days and these
shrinks each evening at the setting of the sun
as again in disbelieved innocence
we whisper our forbidden love

you still remain and always will
my Adonis with a rueful smile
who with voice of wild silk
eases me sweetly into sleep

©Jane Paterson Basil


23 thoughts on “Adonis with a rueful smile

    1. Oh, yes, nothing but happy memories. That’s the advantage of never having lived with someone. Between you and me (and anyone else who reads these comments) he was an alcoholic, and as far as I know he has never dried out. The last time Isaw him (from a bus window) was over 15 years ago. He was happily drunk. After that his son died tragically in a motorbike crash, so I doubt he ever got sober. I’d just like to see him one more time, to hear him say my name again.
      I never gave anyone else a chance. Whatever my body did, my mind stayed faithful to him.

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      1. Yes, I know what you mean – easy to romanticise when you haven’t seen them eating their own toenails 🙂
        What a sad fate. I’ve known several people go the same way. Best to keep him as a nice ‘might have been’ rather than a nightmarish reality.

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              1. I didn’t know that, poor man.
                Is that the second time you’ve done the course? I did get a lot from it – being a total newbie at the time, it really helped teach me the basics. And really enjoyed Writing 101 too, though I find them quite a commitment of time, but otherwise, they’re great. Enjoy!


                1. I meant to say I’m doing the writing course. I wouldn’t do the standard 101 course again, although it was very useful. I just want to write. I have no patience with widgets and such – and, yes, I know that’s the wrong attitude.

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                  1. Not the wrong attitude – it’s one I share! I’ve equipped my site with basics but nothing more.
                    I really enjoyed the writing course, it was great. Made me write every day and on subjects I wouldn’t necessarily choose. Enjoy 🙂

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                    1. When I did the Blogging 101 course I felt I had to do just about everything that was suggested in the assignments. Now I feel like scrapping some of it, but I can’t be bothered.
                      That’s what I’m doing it for – pleasure. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before.

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