The image above is a prompt for today’s Wring 101 assignment. There was a choice of four visual prompts, and I was attracted to the one which had a boy jumping towards a rock. I thought I knew what I was going to write, but this poem came out instead. I’m not happy with it, but there must be a reason.

I would like to say at this point that this is fictional, as far as I know.


every day someone comes to wake her
in silent white shoes, crisp and efficient
with cheery smiles and lively words
“How are we feeling this morning Sarah?”
“Lets get you freshened up.”
with reasonable care
they wash her, dress her, breakfast her
change her wet, reeking sheets
transfer her to a wheelchair
and deliver her to the dayroom
lifting her into the waterproof seat

she doesn’t feel the warm urine as it trickles
rinsing away the vestiges of fragrant soap
her brain an empty grey garret
the window closed from sound and all but
the distant flickering images
of her distant flickering life

©Jane Paterson Basil


19 thoughts on “Garret

    1. This is for Writing 101, and I post a link in the commons, but if you’re not on the course you can’t reach the Writing 101 commons. I expect you can download the image from my site, but it’s possible there will be a block on it. Try it and see.


      1. No I was able to download it but wonder about the ethics of using it if I’m not in the course. Curious about what it is. Is it run by WordPress? Is it just prompts and writing or is there some instruction as well? I keep seeing it but never knew what it was.

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        1.’s run by WordPress. I think you’d like it. Although there’s no instruction as such, they offer useful bits of advice here and there. On the poetry course earlier this year, Ben Hubermann checked out people’s poems, liking and commenting on some. This isn’t like that, but there is a lot of interaction between the students, and I’m finding some interesting blogs (as well as picking up followers.)
          If you’re interested in doing the course, keep an eye on your WordPress emails, or check on their page under courses every so often, to see when the next one comes up.
          As for the ethics of using the image, I don’t know who who to ask about that. Maybe you could contact Michele B or Chloe, or Ben Hubermann. Better still, I’ll see if I can reach them from the commons.


          1. Do you know about the 7 word prompt? I can’t quite figure it out. Duh. They post a word a day and then you write a poem or essay using all the words, by why do one a day? Doesn’t make sense unless I’m missing something.

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  1. I also chose this picture for my writing prompt, and guess what? I also wrote a piece of fiction…even weirder…my character’s name was Sarah! I guess something about that window makes you think “Sarah.” 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I really wasn’t sure about this one. as I said, I didn’t want to write it, and then I didn’t want to post it. I had this lovely image of a boy jumping rocks, but it was pushed out of the way by a non-existent woman with dementia!

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  2. It’s disconcerting how you think you’re going to write this thing and when you start, out comes something completely different, isn’t it? The mind’s a funny thing, but your poem makes me appreciate it and all it’s weird stunts. Let’s hope we won’t turn into empty shells…

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