Yay! It’s the weekend!


I have a guilt ridden secret, a single desire
it’s a deep throaty tickle that would light my fire
It’s a naughty little want and I’ll tell it to you
In the form of a simple, catchy Haiku

coffee coffee cof
fee coffee coffee coffee
coffee coffee cof…

Anarchy in the weekend! Burn the text books! Write bad poetry!
Have a cup of coffee!

©Jane Paterson Basil


24 thoughts on “Yay! It’s the weekend!

    1. Thank you! I was fed up of being serious.
      I haven’t been well lately, and I felt that the coffee may be contributing to the problem ( I didn’t drink ANYTHING but coffee until about two weeks ago) so I’ve cut it down to one cup a day. I’m still shaking, still fainting, still getting confused etc. the only difference is that my fingers maybe don’t tingle so much.

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    1. Oh no! I’ve been caught out! Ok! I stole that eloquent poem from your husband! I’m a plaguerist!
      But this one is all mine:

      ch ch ch ch cheese
      ch ch ch ch ch ch cheese
      ch ch ch ch bread

      That one is all mine, and did you notice the clever twist at the end?

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        1. Should I post it? Nah. I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with my intellect.
          BTW. Further to your post about the silly things your neighbours say, I overheard a phone call on a bus. The woman was giving someone a short shopping list which included fruit. At the end of the call she said “Oh! Don’t bother about the fruit, just get wine gums instead.” (I don’t have wine gums over there. They’re hard jelly candies.)

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  1. This post on coffee addiction made me laugh. I once travelled in the former Soviet Union and after four days without coffee I had to ask the host if she had some. I was feeling so low and the headache was unbearable. O how it helped to get a cup

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    1. Sometimes I think my brain is one of those odd shaped balls, that zings randomly all over the place, and I have no control over it. It only stops when I look out of my window at the sunset, ar the windturbines, and then it a single word will whirr around: “sky sky sky” or “spin spin spin”.
      Reading that last sentence back suddenly has me worried…


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