The need for rest


fearing imminent implosion
trawling within recently written
sincere words of praise
lost amidst considered answers
and infant ideas
climbing to the top of a post
before descending: my brain gaining grip
then slipping to another level,
gripping again
brain refusing to engage
immune to the gems of intelligence
which yesterday thrilled me
unable to do this task justice
while the need for rest
attacks my senses

Writing 101 Day 8: Expand a Comment.

  • Do you ever peek at the comments you’ve left on other blogs? You might find ideas for future posts. Perhaps you left a response on a writer’s post but could have said even more, or wrote the beginnings of a larger discussion.

Apologies for not carrying out this post as suggested; it has been a busy week so far, and today my brain is too tired to to focus on anything except the muddy puddle located at the front….

WordPress take note
you have written “wrote”
when “written” is the correct way to write it.
“He wrote”, “I wrote” and “they wrote”
are right ways to write the word “wrote”
but you wrote “or wrote”
and that’s not right
you wrote “wrote” wrongly
next time please write it right
(though I should correct that right to “correctly”, as I’m writing about correct grammer)
and write “written”, right?

©Jane Paterson Basil


10 thoughts on “The need for rest

    1. The devil got into me – probably because I was so relieved at getting that post out of the way. I’m not enjoying this course as much as I thought I would. Roll on Writing 101 Poetry rerun!
      I’d like my cellphone better if it didn’t keep making that funny noise all day!
      It’s a strange, changing world, but I can’t complain, because, like millions of others, I rely on a computer.


  1. I need one of those naps, too! Supposed to be packing but have been running around in town all day. Told Drollery I wasn’t going without something to do my blog on. Found a cheap Chromebook for $169. Not a lot of memory, but at least I can get on the internet so I won’t have to be away from all you guys for a week! 😀 I agree about 101 btw. I’m not enjoying it nearly so much this time either.

    Liked by 1 person

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