Corporate grass


I wondered
why the grass sown by corporate hands
was already a plush emerald carpet
and yet, still, on the rocky hill near my house
my seed lay fallow on arid ground

I glanced at my face in the mirror
surprised by the sight of my bald left eyebrow
where had the hair gone, and why?
I fed it with salve, rich with nutrients
and watched while it curled and
grew too long and thick to conceal, wrapping
around the hair on my head
trapping it

this new growth was midnight black
where once it had been blonde and fine
I took my scissors, and thinking to neatly trim it
I snipped, watching ringlets float to the floor
like feathers from the breast of a raven
leaving raw patches, charcoal stubble and stubborn wisps

but my home belonged to another, not me
I gazed around my irstwhile rooms in dismay
at the decay, the rubble and dirt
left behind by careless guests
hastely I cleared it away
then vacated, leaving the key
and making my way past the lush, deep corporate grass
I looked for another place to stay

I was woken by the sounds of my surroundings
I rose from my bed and looked out
to see that while I had slept
the corporate grass had been cut

©Jane Paterson Basil


6 thoughts on “Corporate grass

  1. I should have something really pithy to say about this, but all I can think of is how quick buildings can get turf down so it looks like the business had been there for years! It’s a trick. Thank God the grass was cut unevenly! There IS some small justice in the world! 😀

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    1. It was a genuine dream, exactly as it happened, and I know what it’s about. I saw them sow the seed, and I couldn’t believe how fast it came up! I think it was more about them growing it to give the impression they want it to be nice for us, but not really caring.
      Our government is taking everything they can from those who have little, while the rich grow fat, and even when I think things are going well, deep down I feel insecure, as if I’m not doing things the way I need to, and it may all go wrong – that’s what the bit about my grass not growing, and my eyebrow growing too long, and then me trimming it to put it right, but it ending up being even worse, must be about. Everything going wrong, no matter what I try to do.
      But it’s ok. Dreams are just a way of processing things. I’m working through my insecurities.

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