You’re an ugly little thing


you’re an ugly little thing
and you’re no longer mine
look at you with your toothy grin
your hollows and cracks and dips
your ground down metal armour
I try, but I cannot find
a sentimental memory
a time when I cared more
about you than the rest of them
you hid in a corner, looking at my food
while I chewed with the best of them
for years I have been fed up
to the back teeth with you
irritating me, bringing pain
but you will never hurt me again
I’m glad I finally made the decision
to visit the dentist
and request an

©Jane Paterson Basil


7 thoughts on “You’re an ugly little thing

    1. It didn’t hurt at all. It took a bit longer than it should have though – my lovely dentist had to stop a few times because I kept bursting out laughing!
      I always do that when I have a local anesthetic – my dentist mad e a note in my records that I wasn’t to have the standard drug, because it made me so erratic and uncontrollable. (I even knocked an instrument out of his hand once.I was waving them about excitedly, while trying to tell him a funny story although his hand was in my mouth) The one they use on me now isn’t much better – still, it’s fun for me.

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        1. Is that because of the mask?
          We no longer have gas at dentists surgeries in the UK. t was being administers by people who weren’t trained anesthetists, and there were some bad results. It took many years before anyone noticed. It’s very safe in the right hands, but dental practices don’t employ anesthetists. Thes days we have local injection, and a lot of dentists don’t use anything for a lot of the fillings they carry out.

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