Be you friend or be you foe?

Hurriedly posted for Calen’s Sandbox challenge. I have been writing for 14 hours straight, and must apologise for the absence of image, but I’m so tired I can’t spell “abccenssse”. If you check out the link you can find out what the challenge is about – and maybe join in?

What you doin, givin’ me that sour-apple face? I want you to know I don’t read expressions so I dunno what it means. For all I know it could mean you wanna be friends, though I don’t think so. I’ll wait for you to make a move before I speak, an’ what I say depends on what you do. If you’re gonna be rude I may just be rude right back, or I may be nice anyway. Depends on if you hit a sore spot, but you probably won’t poke at my open wounds so I ‘spect we’ll make friends right enough, because my mum taught me to be polite, and anyway, I don’t like to fall out with people, specially wimmin. I like other wimmin, even though they used to give me a tough time. We’re the same kind of animal and I reckon men liked me for the wrong reasons anyway. That’s why they were so easy to charm –
‘cos they reckoned I was easy to fool, and mebbe they were right.
If you were younger – say you were a whole bunch of younger women I’d never met, I’d be more nervous, but in no time at all they’d be tellin’ me their problems and we’d prob’ly be bosom buddies.
Just don’t mention politics unless you’re an ecology nut because that’s what I am, and I don’t much like people who don’t care about the planet.
Or the poor
Or the sufferin’.
Basically I don’t like people who don’t have compassion so I hope you aint one of them.

©Jane Paterson Basil


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