The whirling dervish/It spreads like a dream


“going?” said the neighbour
“why run away?”
there’s a whirling dervish in my kitchen
and I cannot stay

“dead?” said the doctor
“do you know why?”
the dervish whirled into his heart
and he wanted to die

said the psychiatrist
“why aren’t you sane?”
the dervish whirled into my head
and is eating my brain

please help us dear doctor
before it’s to late
we’re deteriorating
at an alarming rate
the dervish is whirling all over the town
bringing my friends and family down
please catch the dervish
she needs to be saved
from sending us all to an early grave
I know she despises
the thing she’s become
she’s confused and crazy
and drugged-up and glum

“oh dear”
said the doctor
what are you thinking
don’t you know that the NHS is sinking
what with the cost of defending the land
the government has spent our money like sand
to treat the dervish would cost too much cash
but I’d like to help if you don’t think me rash
I’ll lend you a quid for some vaseline
it won’t do much but it spreads like a dream”

©Jane Paterson Basil


17 thoughts on “The whirling dervish/It spreads like a dream

  1. No, hon. I just meant she’s as frustrated with the health care system over there as you are. I guess health care’s in the toilet all around the world. Next thing you know we’ll be doing what they did in Logan’s Run. Ever seen that movie? People only got to live to be 30 then they went on Carousel where they were pulled up in the air and exploded supposedly to be reincarnated again. I loved that movie. Must have seen it ten times at the theater! It scared me to death!But Michael York was in it and I was wildly in love with him! 😀 I even sneaked a recorder into the drive-inn and recorded the audio of the movie. Can you say obsessed?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MmmmmMichaelYorkMmmmm.
      I didn’t see that one, but it sounds like something else – Brave New World? Big Brother? One of those. euthanasia before you get too old.and all that jazz.
      I’m going to have to find carousel. I didn’t know it was a dystopian movie.


  2. Very powerful, Jane. I think the messgae is stronger because you used rhyme so well – so closely associated with kid’s poetry and light weight subjects. The juxtaposition works well.
    Our poor old NHS. Yes, it’s on it’s knees. Just in the right position to have its head cut off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lynn.
      The only way I could write out my anger at about our failing NHS was to do it lightly. It prevents me from stooping to oscenities.
      I wish people had paid attention to what was happening before putting that X on the voting slip. Or are they all with BUP? I doubt it, judging by the level of poverty I see around me.

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      1. Oh, I know. Years of austerity and cuts and the fools still voted in the Torys – with a full majority this time! Seems people fall for the right wing rhetoric every time. I really must go off and live in a yurt – keep me away from all the madness in the world. A yurt with wifi, of course 🙂

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        1. See, that’s the trouble with living naturally. In order to do so, you have to, um, live naturally.
          I had a friend who, after years of saving her money, had a yurt built, and lived in it. Her daughter lived in an adjoining one. The idea was that her daughter would always have a home. They lived that way for several months and hated it. My friend caught colds one after the other the whole time she was in the yurt. In the end they were sold at a loss.

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          1. Well, this is something that many of us forget about the old fashioned, low tech way of living. Most of our ancestors must have been sick half their (very short) lives.
            How about a holiday yurt? Just for the occasional spells of gorgeous, warm weather we have here.

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