Oh no! What’s happened in school?


(A playground skipping rhyme)

Bella’s belly has become too round
to join in the skipping games in the playground
Oh no! What’s this we see?
One plus one has added up to three.

Barry’s bottle has deserted him
the teacher caught him drinking in the gym
Oh no! What’s happened today?
Naughty Barry has been sent away.

Freddy’s disappeared round the bend
near the school gates to meet a dodgy friend
Oh no! What’s happened to Fred?
He tried legal highs and now he’s dead.

©Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “Oh no! What’s happened in school?

        1. No – the last time I did that I fell off a step and broke two of my toes, and Mike refused to take me to the hospital. (it was years ago, obviously)
          e refused to take me to the hospital when i had a gall-bladder infection, too – and when I sliced my hand open with a piece of dirty slate. (for goodness sake Jane, stop whingeing)
          I definately need a break from the book! The anger is stuck in my head.


  1. I know it’s wrong, but it made me laugh – the kind of rhyme kids would really love to sing and their parents would hate. Ages ago I taught my son all the rhymes I knew from childhood – the alternative words to Jingle Bells, a horrid rhyme about Yellow Belly Custard – in the hope these subversive words would stick and be carried on into the future.

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