My wildest dreams #Tanka


as I age, my dreams
lose ambition, shrink to fit.
today I became
richer than the wildest ones
in my most hopeful slumbers

©Jane Paterson Basil


8 thoughts on “My wildest dreams #Tanka

    1. Thanks Alan. Sometimes I feel as if I have a forgetful angel whose job it is to watch over me. He keeps wandering away to pick flowers and admire the sunset, and then at the last minute he remembers his job, and scoops me up.

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    1. I love dramcatchers. I used to sell them. I really like the authentic looking native American ones, but they’re all lovely. Does he make them for fun, or for gifts, or to sell?

      As for the theme of the poem, I think I’ll send you an email with my amusing story, but you may be shocked.


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