The odd writer


Do we write because we are odd
Or are we odd because we write?

Or are you one of those rare people who writes, but isn’t odd?
I’d love some feedback on this question…

©Jane Paterson Basil


20 thoughts on “The odd writer

  1. I don’t know a writer who doesn’t have their own brand of quirk, but I do know some who are very very very prim and proper. So odd people write, and not so odd people write…wait where were we? Do I write because I’m odd? No I write because of all the noise in my head.

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  2. I have never considered myself odd because I write. My SISTER, on the other had, thinks I’m VERY odd because I’m writing and blogging all the time. She says I’m entirely too deep. I’m not odd. I consider myself a seeker. If being a seeker is odd, however, then I guess I’m odd!

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    1. You have just inspired me. When I read your comment I thought about the odd concepts writers come up with. If we didn’t think up strange plots, what would we write about? The answer came in a flash: washing up. We could write about wahing up, or hanging curtains, or eating toast. I’m off to try to write a poem about washing up.
      Would writing about mundane activities make me boring,or odd?
      And is there something wrong with my thought processes?


        1. Maybe I should check her out. I’m fascinated by that kind of writing.
          I just tried to write a poem about washing up, but it became too silly; water everywhere, slippery puddles, nasty falls and bloody noses.


            1. Oh dear. I have to confess I got fedd# up with it and went off to play solitaire. My only excuse is that have took a day-trip to a different town with a couple of friends and spent a tiring day trailing around charity shops, and my brain is mashed. Since I started writing my memoirs I seem to have lost the ability to write a good poem. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. Ineed to finish my final edit as quickly as possible, and get back to normal. Then maybe we can do a mundane poetry challenge.

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                  1. All those times in between, you are really writing, as well–either gathering experience to write about or letting things ferment. Don’t be hard on yourself, Jane. You are a prolific writer, but some words need more time to get themself in line.

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