it hurts every time you let me down
every time you don’t show
it feels like a broken promise

once you were ever ready
to fulfil my slightest whim
but now when I try to caress you
you remain cold to my touch
if I persist you sometimes unwillingly respond
only to switch off when I tickle your keys

am I too greedy? too demanding?
are my words no longer sweet enough?
do I repel you?
it’s true you never requested this romance
but at the beginning you seemed to welcome it
and I never minded when my friends
told me you did it for them too
you became a favourite toy we all shared

you are loved by many
and have the capacity to service them all
why can’t you satisfy me?
you don’t have to love me in return
but I am begging you to let me turn you on
to let me
be one with you
without my internet by my side
I am bereft

©Jane Paterson Basil


16 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Hi Jane.

    I have a challenge for you.

    Write a poem about the last hour in the life of
    Ruth Ellis.

    She was the last woman to be hanged in the
    United Kingdom. 1955.

    The poem can be in any style, shape or form.

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  2. Good luck 🙂 Mine was a wireless connection. It has now been changed to landline. And there were some other things I needed to do. It’s so much better. The slowness of internet connection for me is in the lap of whatever government dept is responsible for upgrading underground cabling 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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