Your essence


for so many years
I breathed each memory with hungry breath
feeling thin wisps of you feeding me through the ether
I inbibed the sweet agony of your absence
but some of your essence slipped away
and although I tried to hold it close
and I still need it today
I only see a shrinking sliver
of the original picture

©Jane Paterson Basil


9 thoughts on “Your essence

    1. When I was young I had a friend, “Bunka,” whose girlfriend moved to South Africa to be with her parents. He discribed to me how lost he felt without her, and how he sat around thinking of her, missing her, longing to be with her.
      Then he smiled ruefully, and said “I think I’m enjoying it. It’s very romantic.”
      She came back because she didn’t like apartheid. I think they split up a couple of months later…

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    1. Thank you Anton. In order to be able to write poetry like this I have to switch off the part of my brain entitled ‘memoir’ for twenty-four hours. There’s no place for my ancient love affair in the book, although the memories helped to get me out of bed some mornings.
      I trust your health is improving.


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