The words hurt

Today in The Sandbox Challenge (16), my wise friend Calen asks us:

If you could foresee one accomplishment in your future, what would you like it to be?

If I could only accomplish one thing for the rest of my life, it would be to get my memoir published.


when I began it seemed so easy
even when the words hurt
when the truth I had placed in those air-tight cases –
(lead-lined, so even the sour fragrance could not reach me )
escaped, attacking my face, my scalp, my
poor childish heart
felling me, bending me double –
even then I stretched my fingers again
removed my distant history
(I will harbour no excuses, no self-pity)
and continued with my woeful tale
of failure and threatening doom
until the full story was spilled

I rarely paused to think
until it was all written
I immediately began my first edit
but within minutes I wished I had
digital elbows
to electronically push away the grasping memories
which radiated through my eyes and into my gut

when I lived through those days, those years
each new terror turned a page on the last and
there was no space beside my fear for tomorrow
to meditate on yesterday
but it never went away
it just waited until I was ready to pull it all out
examine it
and although I wished I had never begun
still I continued,
through my second and even my third edit
even to my fourth
but with forty pages to go I am sore all over
and though eager to complete the healing process
I have slowed to a stop
I want to rest

but every day I delay
could take away an opportunity
to make a difference in some small corner of the world
my story could help someone
in some tiny way

©Jane Paterson Basil


17 thoughts on “The words hurt

    1. Maybe I’ve become too used to writing for fun,(and because I have always had a burning need to communicate through the written word – possibly because I was one of five children and none of us could hear each other over the racket!) but that was not what it was meant to be about when I started this blog.

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  1. It’s painful to revisit times in our lives we thought we’d left buried. But it seems as if it’s helped you too and that’s the most important thing. It’s a survivors’ story and will sing to anyone who has been or is going through similar times. Best of luck with your publishing dreams, Jane 🙂

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    1. Thank you Gretiana. It has been an eye-opener, too. The memoir was intended to only tell the story of the addictions of two of my children, but I wrote (and shelved) an outline of my childhood years, and it uncovered a few truths which I had blocked out or refused to see clearly. It has been painful, but probably helpful to me. Now I’m trying to get to know myself all over again.

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