BeFunky Collage WE 50

I scatter pieces of myself in frayed parcels,
ragged chunks of my sunken past, my
quicksand days and chalky thoughts
leaving them to sit where they fell,
stained, chipped, mismatched and uneasy
like grubby white-elephants at a car-boot sale;
they’re cheap, if not always cheerful
and somebody’s bound to want them.

©Jane Paterson Basil


14 thoughts on “White-elephants

    1. Never mind the publishers; I could travel up to London and meet you. We’d visit Foyles bookshop in Regent Street, and check out fabrics in Liberties – we could even go to Harrods; it’s not what it once was but it’s still ok. Then we could have tea at the Ritz. In our dreams…

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